ITC is part of Belysse, who develops tufted broadloom carpets and tufted carpet tiles for residential applications. Our colours, styling and features always meet the needs of each project and customer: we deliver any volume of state-of-the-art carpets across a broad range of entry to premium solutions.

Europe’s finest carpets

In Europe, ITC carpets is the clear market leader for tufted wall-to-wall carpet in polyamide yarn.

Vertically integrated production

Our vertically integrated production process gives us complete control over our products, from raw material to finished carpet. Along with design and technological expertise, sustainability is a core element of development at ITC.

Our carpets turn spaces into beautiful places where it is comfortable to live and work.

Dedicated carpet experts

Our team of textile engineers and designers translate the latest trends into beautiful patterns, structures, and colours – including carpet, cloth, and backing material. We are dedicated to producing the best of the best products, functionally and aesthetically, and we are fully focused on the needs of our customers and markets.


Count on our health, safety, quality, and environmental certifications to ensure exceptional services and products. We go beyond industry standards, delivering excellence that not only meets but surpasses regulations, promising you peace of mind.


Become a retail partner

Partner with us to embark on a journey of growth and comfort. Elevate your retail space, engage customers, and stand out with our Retail Partner Programme.

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