Our commitment

Consciously connecting carpet with comfort is at the forefront of our thinking. From the way we conceptualise a new product to the materials we select. From the suppliers we work with to our partners whom we support.

Our approach is based on taking responsibility and fully grasping the impact that our choices have on the wellbeing of both the planet and its people. With each new carpet we create, we aim to tread more lightly on the earth and provide comfort to every human involved in the process.


Cutting down on CO2

We focus on reducing our carbon footprint and on creating innovative soft flooring that supports circularity and minimises CO2 emissions. We do this by selecting recycled and recyclable materials, by improving our production processes and transport, and by relying on renewable energy sources as much as possible. Solar panels on the rooftop of our production facility currently provide an average energy production of 3266 MWh per year.

In our journey to increase the recycled and biobased content in our carpets, which leads to less raw materials and less CO2 emissions, we reclaim a product that’s usually discarded: plastic bottles. Our Texfloor, Ultratex and Super Back backings contain up to 100% recycled polyester, coming from plastic bottles, providing a new life for a product that has come to the end of its cycle.

Also on the other side of the carpet we strive to increase the recycled content of the yarn with every new product we develop. Preserving raw materials and ultimately reducing the carbon footprint of the end product.

Sustainable water management

Water is a valuable resource needed for the dyeing and printing of our carpets. It’s our ambition at ITC to find more efficient and renewable ways to use the water we need. Compared to 2019, we have already reduced our water consumption by 48% during dyeing and printing.

Next to that, we recycle and reuse our wastewater and actively seek out new ways to improve its quality.

Waste isn't waste until we waste it

To us, reducing waste starts with developing high-quality, long-lasting products. Most of our carpets have a 31 or 32 commercial use class, guaranteeing a highly durable floor covering with an optimal appearance retention and easy maintenance.

We’re always looking for innovative ways to reduce, recycle and reuse unavoidable waste that’s generated during the production of our carpets. At the moment, we recycle 50.6% of our production waste and aim to do better each year.

Understanding the value of every material and product, we are always looking for smart solutions to either prolong their life or to find another use for items that are considered scraps. For the cones that hold our yarn, for example, we opted for plastic because it can be recycled again and again. Any surplus yarn left on the spool? Instead of letting it go to waste, we ruse the leftovers during the next cabling process.

Our ambitions for 2030

CO2: Cut down our CO2-emissions by 30%.

Water: Reduce our water consumption by 30%.

Waste: Create a fully recyclable product. + 75% recycling of production waste.


At ITC, we always consider how our products and decisions affect the lives of the people around us. Making healthy products in safe working conditions, with respect for our suppliers, employees and customers.

Healthy indoor climates

Our carpets are developed to enhance your surroundings, while also guaranteeing a healthy indoor climate. We make sure that our products have very low VOC emissions and contain no harmful chemical substances, leading to an optimal indoor air quality. To keep our high standard high, we get our products certified by GUT, making them in compliance with the most stringent international standards.

Carrying the TÜV NORD test mark, a large number of our carpets are examined and found suitable for people with allergies.

Wellbeing at work

We strongly care for the safety and wellbeing of own employees. As a VisionZero company, we integrate the 3 core values of safety, health and wellbeing into all levels of work. We invest strongly in stress prevention and work motivation, providing plenty of support, and strive for zero accidents among our own employees and expect the same from our shareholders.