ITC manufactures carpet flooring and other textiles using synthetic yarns. Synthetic yarns such as polyamide (PA), which we produce in-house from PA granules, polyester (PES) and polypropylene (PP) offer advantages like high stain and water resistance. These yarns balance humidity and ensure a comfortable indoor climate.

Synthetic polyamide yarns are developed and produced in-house by ITC through a vertically integrated production process. All our yarns guarantee and meet our – and your – exacting quality standards.


Synthetic YARNS

Polyamide (PA), colloquially called nylon, is a synthetic material based on polymers and is used to create soft and high-performing yarns. These lightweight fibres are produced, heated and processed to create a soft yet insulating surface. PA is resistant to crushing and can stretch up to 33% while retaining its original shape – great for high-traffic areas. Solution-dyed PA is highly stain resistant, as colour is added to the liquid state of the fibre components before the fibre is actually produced. This ensures that rich colour penetrates through every fibre, for industry-leading colourfastness and stain resistance. ITC produces its own polyamide yarn in-house from start to finish. Because we control the entire production process from beginning to end, superior quality is always guaranteed. Some of our collections are made with Econyl, fully recycled polyamide yarn.


Synthetic YARNS

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer using chain-growth polymerisation from monomer propylene. PP is solution dyed, meaning that no water is used in the dyeing process. It offers excellent stain resistance, colour fastness, durability, softness and value for price. It’s also bleach cleanable, for easy stain removal. In addition, thanks to its low water absorption, it resists mould growth and comes with a low risk of allergies.

High-grade Econyl® polyamide yarn is produced from recovered fishing nets and other waste materials recovered using the Econyl® Regeneration System of Aquafil, Europe’s leading manufacturer of polyamide 6 carpet fibre.

This closed-loop process tackles the challenge of marine litter while enabling the production of sustainable carpet products and textiles at the same time.


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Synthetic YARNS

Polyester is another category of polymer composed of closed-cell fibres, for the ultimate in water-based stain resistance. In fact, it outperforms both nylon and wool in this aspect while also offering comfort and softness.



We exclusively use wool yarn that assures the finest quality and highest reliability. It is then tufted to create high-quality wool carpets that are beautiful, easy to care for, naturally stain resistant and extremely durable.


Carpet care and maintenance is important to get the most out of your flooring. Download our carpet maintenance guide for cleaning tips.


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