Machine-made broadloom carpets

ITC designs, develops and creates textile flooring products that are machine-made using synthetic or wool yarns and continuously strives for the most durable approach.

Our range of machine-made broadloom carpets and carpet tiles come in polyamide, polyester and polypropylene yarns. Our high-quality, wool carpets are tufted.

Machine made

Vertically integrated production

Our production processes are vertically integrated, which means that we control every aspect of our products’ creation – from yarn extrusion to finished carpet. This enables us to offer unparalleled quality and customisation. What’s more, it allows us to make our production processes more sustainable. In-house, we rely on machine tufting and digital printing technologies.

At our vertically integrated factories, we continuously improve our manufacturing approach through our operational excellence programme, which is based on Six Sigma lean manufacturing principles. A Total Quality Management (TQM) system extends across all of our plants to ensure that our products excel in quality and consistently perform according to the highest standards.


For machine-tufted carpets, clusters of yarn fibres (known as tufts) are drawn through a medium and inserted into a primary backing material. A secondary backing is then applied with a coat of latex, laminating the backing materials together. ITC tufted carpets come in cut pile and loop pile constructions.

Cut pile

Soft, high-end cut pile carpets that are superb for formal and intimate settings with low traffic.


Dense carpet with longer pile, for a deeper feeling and luxury look. Suitable for low traffic areas.


A dense carpet with longer pile that is twisted, for a more textured look that shows less wear in high traffic areas.


The deepest, softest pile, which comes in a variety of textures. Great for bedrooms and intimate settings.


Loop pile

The pile is looped and showcases a closed, uniform, uncut surface, from very tight low loops to deep looped pile. Perfect for high traffic areas.

Level loop pile

Loop heights vary in this pile, for a more textured, informal appearance.

Multi-level loop pile

Named after the tribes of Africa and Asia who first developed the technique, Berber pile is a tufted loop pile with a uniform or multi-level finish.

Berber loop pile

Cut loop pile

The ends of multi-height yarn loops are cut, partly cut or not cut at all, for a textured, patterned finish that hides footprints and dirt.

Tip sheared

Yarn loops are cut in a random pattern, for a more organic and even more textured appearance than tip sheared.

Random sheared

Flat weave

Flat weave carpets have a flatter pile and are manufactured as a loop pile that is woven across a wider area. The effect has a lower, more textured profile that is perfect for high traffic areas in homes and offices. The striking patterns of flat weave carpets make them ideal for stair runners.

Flat weave


We also distribute needle-punched non-woven carpets and tiles which are made of virgin polypropylene and polyester staple fibres.

Colours and patterns

With our computerised iTuft technology, we create unique large-pattern designs in contrasting colour schemes. This gives us the capability of offering advanced textured patterns, geometrics and brushstroke shading patterns.

In addition to screen printing, we also use a digital printing system that is fully compatible with our broadloom and carpet tiles in synthetic yarns. This technology uses computer-controlled, high-speed electromechanical valves to inject pre-mixed, pressurised colour into the face of the pile with high precision. With digital printing, the printer never touches the fabric. As a result, every design features the deepest possible colour penetration and excellent print definition.


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