Capture the spirit of awakening nature with ITC’s S/S 2023 campaign

Just as trees transition from the austerity of winter to emerald leafy splendour, we see the first signs of awakening nature. It’s an opportunity to refresh, revitalise and open our hearts and homes to the prospect of renewal ahead. With our spring/summer 2023 campaign, we embrace the opportunity to transcend the introspection of the recent past and move forward with hope.


With the awakening of nature also comes the desire to renew and beautify our interior. In our campaign, we guide you through a home that’s roused from its winter sleep. We invite you to follow our journey and explore four key styles that reflect new colour concepts and textures, inspired by the energy and renewal of the natural world.

“Our spring/summer 2023 campaign reflects our desire to renew and rejoice – it’s a very positive and hopeful encouragement to let the warmth and light of the new seasons into our homes.” - Sophie Hautekeete, Head of Marketing.


Using the finest lines and most exquisite details, we follow an architect designing a home of the future. With shades of Scandinavian greys and futuristic blues alongside restorative greens, we welcome a light and refreshing breeze that allows us to step out of darkness. Newtopia is a future-oriented trend that energises and enlivens, celebrating the buds of spring, hope and new ideas. It invites homeowners to flourish with a fresh perspective. Renewing interiors with beautiful and thoughtful flooring designs that have a heart for a nature-positive future.


From the future-oriented home office we move forward to a sun-drenched living room with heartwarming colours and a children’s room where you hear the echo of kids playing. Washed-out berry hues, golds and turquoises put you in a nostalgic yet futuristic mood. Bringing back memories of bleached-out summer days, sizzling sidewalks and strawberry milkshakes on swings. Feel the mundane magic and retro heat of Reminiscence. This style is a new take on a retro look that feels comforting and familiar, yet at the same time quite surrealistic and not of this world. We have translated this mood into open flooring structures and sun-faded tones that offer a certain chromatic poetry as they dance between light and shade.


Next, we throw the doors wide open to welcome nature into our home. Using refined, natural fibres, Botanical Origins has Mother Earth in mind and the feeling of being close to her at home. We bring the outdoors in with natural looks that can be used sparsely in a more minimalist environment, or abundantly to fill your space with the essence of relaxation and natural wellbeing.

Rich in natural textures and colours that make spaces feel vital and alive, our spring/summer 2023 ranges are responsibly crafted with a heart for our planet. Terracottas, slate greys and earthy tones in sustainable materials allow you to stay constantly connected to nature without ever leaving your home.


As we embrace the outdoors and marvel at the scenery surrounding us, we feel connected to the beautiful rawness of nature. In the trend Grounded Luxury, we reflect this feeling, this sense of earthy ruggedness, and translate the ground’s organic tones and primal ambience to our interiors.

Our journey continues to a dining room and dressing that capture those elemental forces, yet radiate a lush comfort feel. Refined flooring that respects the balance between ‘natural’ and ‘opulence’, crafted with eco-friendly materials.