ITC connects carpet to comfort

Aligned with the trends and needs of today’s flooring market. “In response to the recent raw materials crisis, our product designers have focussed heavily on re-evaluating our product portfolio”, explains Kirsten Nijsten, director of Product Development at ITC Residential. “To align our offering with changing socioeconomic conditions, demands and trends, we are introducing new designs and colours that highlight contrasting concepts: tender vs. moody, fun vs. dramatic. These powerful contrasts are found in single products as well as across our many solutions.”

Colours that comfort

COVID-19 has accelerated consumers’ prioritisation of mental and physical health and well-being. Natural, nourishing green hues are now highly relevant, particularly in interior design. As consumer preferences move from cooler tones, nourishing greens represent an evolution toward shades that inspire comfort and confidence. You’ll find examples of these life-giving greens in the moody colours of the Marlene velours, and in Romeo from the Satino collection.

Shades that bring us closer to the earth

On a similar note, a key part of well-being is a connection with nature. Neutral shades will play key roles here by contributing a sense of uplifting warmth to our living and working spaces. Today, we are reacquainting ourselves with the virtues of neutral hues and their association with the appreciation, protection and preservation of nature’s bounty. Discover the warm, tender shades in our Marlene velours and Natural Embrace collection, for example.

A touch of playfulness

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, consumers also prize time spent relaxing and having fun. In the domain of interiors, this translates into flexible spaces, fluid lifestyles and multi-use possibilities. Homes receive updates in the form of fun colourways and playful touches. Catering to these needs, the ITC team developed a kid-adult colour palette and introduced via Kudos and Sprinkle, key entry-level products that add a spirited touch to any space.

Designs that captivate

Conversely, dramatic interiors are also making a comeback. ITC uses eye-catching flooring design to make a statement among complementary raw elements. Dramatic interiors generate a visual dialogue between graphics, shapes and earth-inspired neutrals, for a sensory journey that offers a perfect blend of modern and traditional.

The new Frames collection, a woven Wilton, aligns with this trend with the breath-taking designs of Marble and Bloom. These collections are suitable for size conversion, responding to consumer demands for carpets adapted to any size in any space – from bedroom to living room to home office and beyond.