Embrace the cold with this key F/W trend

Looking ahead to fall/winter 2022-23, we have identified a key interior trend that provides the necessary comfort during the colder months. As the days become shorter and temperatures drop, a cool colour palette of pale pastels, icy blues and silver tones mirrors the frosty outside world, while delicately soft textures meet our need for intimacy and security.

A changing season

After summer’s last burst of warmth and vibrancy, the landscape evolves and we evolve along with it. We feel the need to slow down and to create comforting oases out of our homes to counterbalance the murky days that are short on sunshine. By bringing in the cool and calming colours of winter we accept the changes of the season and welcome its tranquillity and ethereal beauty.

Edgy designs, ready for tomorrow

Expressing self-care and optimism for the future, the CYBORG interior trend combines cool and edgy colours with translucent materials and lush textiles. Pale, icy tones and lustrous materials will reflect all the daylight that we can get during the winter months, making your room look brighter. Whilst furniture and interior objects with round, curved shapes and reflective surfaces create a futuristic look that’s one step ahead of tomorrow.

With flooring being a major surface in your home, it’s an important design element that can easily set the tone. ITC offers a myriad of lush carpets in on-trend colours that can help satisfy that longing for comfort, protection and wellbeing during the cold winter months. Their soft tactility speaks to our senses and makes us feel grounded and secure.

If you’re looking to unwind in sophisticated comfort and unexpected warmth, then Extravagance might be exactly what you need. Explore its bulky texture and silver tones. Ideal for passing those cold winter days from the safe confines of your home.

Do you want your interior to radiate positivity and vigour? Go for pale pastels and plush textures that excite your senses. With Excelsior, a glistening high pile carpet with a satin finish, you will surely invigorate your space.

Or discover the rich texture of Romantica. Available in a palette of silky pastels, this velvety saxony carpet helps you beat the winter blues with its enticing colour shifts.

Looking for more inspiration on the upcoming season? Download our fall/winter trend moods magazine below.