Season Launch Fall/Winter 2021

When it comes to FW 2021/22 decorating, we leave the traditional elements aside and find new ways to mark the changing of seasons. Comfort focused design combines with different colour palettes, from naturals and neutrals to vibrant colors and captivating patterns.

We put four of the most influential moods into the spotlight: nourishing natural greens to decorate with nature in mind. Uplifting neutrals to fill your home with welcoming warmth. Stay playful and bring happiness with joyful daily pleasure elements. Choose more drama on the floor with eye captivating patterns.

Nourishing sage, eucalyptus and moss greens

Nourishing natural greens will remain relevant as consumers focus on balancing their mental and physical health. As we move away from cooler hues, nourishing greens represent an evolution towards shades that exude comfort and confidence.

Neutral shades

Champagne, sand, beige and neutral nudes will play a key role, adding a sense of uplifting warmth. Today we are reacquainting ourselves with the values of neutral hues and their association with the protection and preservation of nature and agriculture for generations to come.

Kid-adult and happy colours

Consumers just want to relax and have fun. Spaces get even more flexible and we focus on a more fluid lifestyle that create multi-use meanings for traditional spaces. Homes get an update with fun colorways and more playful intentions. Purpose is still key in home, but it must bring with it some nods of personal happiness.

Re-inventing traditional patterns

Eye captivating design is used to create a statement in a room among otherwise raw elements. There is a visual dialogue between graphics, shapes and nature. All coming with colours grounded in earth inspired neutrals. A sensory driven journey with a perfect mix between modern and traditional.

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