How carpets can help maintain indoor temperature

Carpets evoke a warm and cosy feeling, making you feel more comfortable at home, but did you know they can also help maintain your indoor temperature?


Carpets generally consist of a surface layer, the pile, that’s attached to a backing. This pile consists of millions of fibres that trap air and create a barrier, making them natural insulators. In fact, the insulation value of soft flooring can be up to 10 times higher than that of hard floors,[1] making carpet a cost-effective material to trap the precious warmth in your home during winter.

Also during the summer and its increasingly frequent heatwaves, carpet provides an extra layer of insulation that will stop heat from entering your home through the floor and will help prevent cool air from escaping, allowing you to save up on energy.


Besides acting as an insulator, carpet also evokes a warm and cosy feeling. You only have to get out of bed on a winter morning to feel the soft embrace that carpets can offer. But did you know that this isn’t just an association, but that carpet actually makes you feel warmer? Even if you lower your room temperature by a few degrees, there’s a noticeable difference in warmth between a carpeted room and other floor coverings.[2] Soft flooring has the quality of retaining heat instead of dissipating it, also to cooler areas or rooms, resulting in a more enjoyable ambient temperature that stays warm for longer. In other words, your room temperature can be lowered, reducing your energy consumption, but without losing comfort.


In the knowledge that more than 10% of an average home’s heat escapes through the floor, your choice of floor covering plays an important role in thermal insulation. Not only does this contribute to saving energy, leading to lower energy costs, but it also has a positive impact on CO2 emissions. Allowing you to tread more lightly on the earth and reduce your carbon footprint.

[1] Source: European Carpet and Rug Association
[2] Source: European Carpet and Rug Association

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