ITC is proud to be part of Belysse

We are proud to share the news that we are part of BelysseTM.

Rooted in a strong legacy of soft flooring, Belysse creates and commercialises sustainable flooring solutions for commercial and residential use under four premium brands: itc, modulyss, arc edition and Bentley. With our origins deeply rooted near the river Lys, in the heart of Flanders’ renowned textile industry, Belysse encompasses a team of 1300 dedicated soft flooring experts that all take pride in their Belgian heritage.


We are passionate people who combine deep expertise and a constant drive for innovation with a love for enduring aesthetics. All to add colour, texture and comfort to interiors that stimulate the senses, trigger emotions and reflect personality. Crafting a product where technology and emotion meet.

We believe that a strong mutual understanding and respect for the world around us and the beauty in it leads to better products and happier partners. Valuing trust and reliability, people are at the heart of everything we do. Be it our clients, our client’s clients or our employees.


Being part of Belysse comes with many advantages. Not only do we expand our flooring heritage and combine our expertise, but we’re also given new perspectives and opportunities to create alluring carpets that make you feel at home.

Sharing the philosophy to consciously craft flooring that evokes authentic experiences, we feel empowered to innovate and to keep on inspiring you. Joining forces to transform spaces into beautiful places that make your life more comfortable.