ITC’s Legacy collection: the epitome of durable velour carpets

Refined and perfected over the years, our experience in designing and producing high-quality velour carpets has not only fuelled our growth but has also formed the foundation of our identity. Our Legacy collection embodies this expertise, uniting products renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship and luxurious velvet-like appearance. From our in-house produced polyamide yarn to the creation of signature colour palettes, the Legacy collection shapes the essence of the ITC brand.

To further enhance our identity and that of our soft flooring, our product development team is always looking to expand our collections with innovative additions that align with the latest trends in sustainability, colours and textures. That’s why we have added three exciting new products to our Legacy range: Jane, Mae and Frances. Let's delve into each of them and explore the unique features and benefits they bring to homes.


Introducing Jane, a broadloom carpet designed to endure the test of time. With its firm and robust nature, Jane is classified as a class 33 carpet, guaranteeing exceptional strength that makes it suitable for all areas of your home. Whether it's a high-traffic hallway, a bustling living room, or a playroom for kids, Jane's durability ensures it retains its beauty for years to come. Not only does it boast impressive strength, but it also adds a touch of sophistication with its matt finish and a versatile colour palette ranging from neutral to earthy tones. Jane stands as a reliable choice, where quality meets aesthetics, elevating any living space.


For those seeking an added touch of glamour and refinement, Mae is the perfect choice. Similar to Jane in terms of strength and durability, Mae can withstand the rigours of daily residential use. What sets Mae apart is its distinctive glossy finish, radiating opulence and sumptuousness. This defining feature adds a subtle sheen, creating a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance in living spaces. Whether it's a stylish living room or a chic bedroom, Mae effortlessly enhances the overall aesthetic of a home.


Frances introduces a captivating blend of textures to the Legacy collection with its tip-sheared loop pile construction. By combining both matt and glossy yarns, this carpet creates a visually stunning velvet look that adds a touch of contemporary elegance to residential spaces. Alongside its distinctive texture, Frances also boasts robustness and resilience, as proven by its class 33 carpet classification. Designed with the eco-conscious homeowner in mind, Frances is crafted using 100% regenerated ECONYL yarn, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.


In addition to their applications as broadloom carpets, Jane, Mae and Frances can be transformed into made-to-measure rugs. Rugs offer versatility, allowing you to add a touch of luxury and style to any space while providing comfort and functionality. Whether you wish to elevate your living room, add warmth to your dining area, or create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom, these carpets can be customised into rugs to suit your unique needs and design preferences.


With the introduction of Jane, Mae and Frances, the Legacy collection continues to shape our identity. These three new soft flooring products offer a range of options to enhance indoor spaces. From the firm elegance of Jane to the glossy sophistication of Mae and the uniquely textured look of Frances, each product brings its own distinctive character to elevate the ambiance of a room. With the added option of transforming them into rugs, these carpets provide a complete flooring solution for creating personalised and stylish interiors.

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