At home with Marlene

Marlene, our latest addition to the Legacy collection offers velours with a subtle print design and an elegant, shiny surface.

This tactile and dense velour-inspired soft cut pile carpet evokes a classic, irregular look. The subdued colour palette is embellished with an extra print, furnishing your favourite rooms with a stylish, slightly glamorous aura.

Soft, moody colors.

Shades that reminds us of a fresh seabreeze or a dark, mysterious cosy place. Shades of grey with a blue feeling. Or a soft green that reflects the sun and the surrounding. Modern and classic interiors will enrich with style and warmth. The softness of the carpet can be amplified with solid materials and objects. A light open space will get the zen feeling it deserves. A darker room will feel cosy and luxurious.

Warm, tender colors.

The sun that breaks through the window and leaves a glowing shade on the carpet. Ochre and beige shades, with a rich tone in them that brightens up a room. The soft tactility of the carpet blends in with the other soft materials to get that full comfort feeling. A reflection of the sun on your interior to give it a warm and welcoming feeling all through the day.

ITC offers long-standing expertise in the design and production of high-quality velours in 100% polyamide that withstand daily wear and tear in any home. The on-trend, velvety colours featured in our Legacy collection bring true depth and sophistication to any indoor space, enhanced by a cloudlike ton sur ton structure.