Spice up your interior for fall/winter

When we peer into the dark morning, the world outside is grey and hazy. The days are getting colder and shorter, feeding our desire to turn our home into a luxurious and sensuous cocoon. For fall/winter 2022-23, we see this translated into naturally rich carpet textures and grounding, earthy colours. Let’s explore the trend.

The grounding presence of neutrals

The neutral colours we find in the RICH&RAW trend are stimulating and comfortingly familiar at the same time. Browns, beiges and taupes take centre stage. Although these shades are often seen as basic, they offer a strong foundation and are undeniably rich and soothing. A set of versatile hues that connect the indoors to the natural world, making us feel rooted and balanced.

An oasis of textures

The RICH&RAW trend invites you to experience colours and textures with all your senses.

If you’re looking to indulge in rich textures, then choose luxuriously thick carpets like Amaryllis and Lily. Available in deep, earthy shades of Arabica, Papyrus, Tamarind and Husk, these carpets allow you to savour the dark months from your secure cocoon.

An extra touch of sophistication? Go for lush cut piles with a refined satin finish such as Royale and Frivola.

If you want to feel nurtured and restored, you should imbue your space with natural textures. The rattan-like structure of Kubb and Ruta not only looks but also feels authentic and raw. Just like being in nature, bringing organic colours and textures into your home has a positive impact on your mindset and mood. Something that we especially crave during those bleak and melancholic winter days.

A handcrafted look that oozes comfort?

Explore Earthy Privilege, a beautifully textured loop pile carpet that resembles raw cotton yet possesses a natural tenderness.

Looking for more fall/winter inspiration? Download our trend moods magazine below.