ITC's Spring/Summer 22 carpet collection brings warmth and brilliance to the places we live

There’s a certain poetry in the change of the seasons, a certain dance. The interplay of shadows and light that so vividly defines the spaces where we dwell takes on aspects that can cheer us or chill us. Though the cold, dark months of winter will soon be here, we can take comfort in the knowledge that we can transform our environments for tasteful serenity, in the knowledge that the light will return to our lives in due time.

As we enter 2022, ITC is here to help you usher in spring and summer, seasons of revitalization and lengthier days that welcome back the warmth and brilliance of sunlight into our homes. We have identified four key styles that will define our living spaces in the balmier seasons of the new year and provide a touch of serene, lyrical luxury for our hearts and homes.

Spring cleansing

Imagine that first morning of spring – the inspiring sight of sun through the windows, the poetic moments as the light begins to illuminate corners of your home that had been shrouded in wintry shadows. Outside, the first buds on trees tell you the world is reawakening, and gentle zephyrs provide moments of almost-warmth that startle vegetation back to life. Perhaps it is time to crack those windows, to let in those mellow breezes of a new season – this is a time of revitalisation, a time to cleanse. An ideal opportunity to take poetic inspiration for your home’s interior. As you rouse yourself back to the warmth of a vibrant world, our carpets help you capture that dreamy feeling with shiny textiles, soft colour palettes, and subtle transparencies that will suffuse your environment with something new, something vigorous.

A simpler life, in a pastoral mood

In the longer, warmer days of high spring, our thoughts often turn to the way we live, and how we can sustain our lifestyles. There is warmth now, blue skies, and green shoots that will need planting – the outdoors are calling to us once again.

This is the time when we open up our homes in earnest. Urged on by thoughts of a simpler, self-sufficient life, we daydream about a return to something uncomplicated and pastoral. ITC’s seasonal mood here provides the guidance for us to rework our spaces into rooms with well-balanced light, rooms that incorporate fabrics and decorative motifs that are utilitarian, yet call to mind the bounty of the natural world.

Nostalgia for the summers of our youth

With the advent of summer comes a riot of colour – flowers in full bloom, vegetables ripening in gardens, and cerulean skies. The sunlight makes everything vivid, and the contrast of light and shadow is at its poetic peak. Now is the time to get outdoors and play, to feel youthful and nostalgic.

Yet the world can be a bit too alive, too brilliant, and too sweltering to be outdoors for long. Follow your bliss with ITC’s array of textures and tonal colours that play with the light to create elevated, multi-layered accents for simple yet welcoming spaces that bridge the indoors to the outdoors.

The sophistication of the sinking sun

The sun begins to droop, sitting lower in the sky, and its light is refracted to a more reddish-pink hue that turns the clouds to cotton candy. It will soon be time to make a cocoon of your living space that will keep you in the warmth and comfort you’ve enjoyed all season long. The mood at the end of summer has a strong sense of sophistication. Now is the time to re-envision rooms with comforting colours and textures that can provide you with a powerful sense of tranquility and composure. Gone are the stark contrasts of light and shadow: these instead give way to softer, curved motifs that evoke elegance and well-being, offering a sense of contentment and reassurance that you will weather these and many other seasons to come.

Be inspired to the fullest with the Poetry of Light

Spring and summer represent times of renewal and vitality. They remind us that life is to be lived to the fullest. ITC’s Poetry of Light campaign for 2022 seizes upon the inspiration we can take from the changing seasons as we redecorate, reorganize, and revitalize our personal spaces to suit these seasonal moods.