Why you should bring nature into your home

During spring and summer we see new leaves unfurling and swooning in the sun. Nature is reawakening and we feel deeply connected to the outside world. Although this pull towards the outdoors is embedded in our DNA, we actually spend the majority of our time indoors. But with the spring/summer 2023 BOTANICAL ORIGINS trend, which takes up the principles of biophilic design, we can bring the warmth and light of blooming nature inside.


The concept of biophilic design comes from the term ‘biophilia’, which refers to the human need to connect with the natural world and all living things. In design, it means recreating that feeling of being outside by incorporating natural elements and materials, daylight and views of nature into your home. This also brings the positive effects of being in nature into your personal space.

Being in or around nature is known to make us feel relaxed and calm. By welcoming natural elements into your home you can create soothing spaces that make you feel more motivated and productive, boosting your health and mental wellbeing.


In the spirit of biophilia, the BOTANICAL ORIGINS trend has a heart for our planet and its natural resources. It favours responsibly crafted materials that give back to life on earth rather than using up its raw materials.

Also carpets can be made more sustainable in terms of backing and yarn choices. Did you know that if your ITC carpet carries the YMPACT quality label, you are guaranteed that your carpet is made with a significant amount of recycled or regenerated yarn? Creating greener and more sustainable environments that harbour a deep respect for nature and its resources.


With regard to the sensory experience, the BOTANICAL ORIGINS trend proposes natural textures and colours that fill your space with the essence of relaxation and wellbeing. Earthy colours like ochre, terracotta and slate grey have a pureness and natural radiance that make spaces and objects feel vital and alive.

When translated into carpet designs, the abundantly natural look and organic colour palette of Tove represents the bounty of nature. Responsibly crafted with the YMPACT mass-balance polyamide yarn containing 35% allocated recycled feedstock, Tove creates a haven of comfort for the environment, as well as the home.

Looking for a shorter pile with a soft feel and durable nature? Our Katherine, made with YMPACT 100% regenerated polyamide yarn, allows you to care for our planet and stay connected to nature without ever leaving your home.