How to choose the right rug for every room of the house

Having carpets in your home offers numerous perks, such as adding comfort, warmth, and reducing noise. Even if you prefer hard flooring, an area rug can still provide these benefits while also creating a focal point and adding cohesion and character to your space. With countless rug options available, here are some room-by-room tips to help you make the right choice.


When choosing a rug, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Daily foot traffic: depending on the amount of traffic, your rug needs to be able to withstand varying levels of wear and tear.
  • Cleaning and maintenance needs: consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance required for the rug based on its placement in the house.
  • Comfort and texture: think about the desired level of comfort and texture of the rug.
  • Design purpose: consider how the rug’s design and style can contribute to the aesthetics of the space.


Let's delve into the specific needs for each room of the house.

1. Living room

  • Foot traffic: moderate
  • Ease of cleaning: moderate
  • Comfort and texture: high
  • Design purpose: complement existing decor and tie the furniture together

Living rooms are central gathering spaces prone to spills and dirt. Choosing a stain-resistant rug made with synthetic yarns is therefore a good choice. In addition to durability, considering comfort and softness is crucial. Opt for a plush rug with a medium to high pile, such as a saxony, frieze, or shag cut pile, to create that cosy atmosphere. As area rugs are mostly placed around the seating area, pick a design and colour that harmonises with the sofa, chairs and coffee table.

2. Dining room

  • Foot traffic: moderate
  • Ease of cleaning: high
  • Comfort and texture: moderate
  • Design purpose: accentuate the area

Dining rooms experience regular foot traffic during meals and should also be able to resist accidental spills, food stains and the movement of chairs. Opt for a rug that is easy to clean and stain-resistant, preferably made with solution-dyed polyamide. A short cut pile, loop pile or flatweave rug in a bold colour or pattern are a practical choice while also accentuating the area in an open-plan space.

3. Bedroom

  • Foot traffic: low
  • Ease of cleaning: low
  • Comfort and texture: high
  • Design purpose: add a touch of luxury

Bedrooms typically have less foot traffic and require less frequent cleaning. Create a relaxing and intimate bedroom by selecting a plush or high-pile rug that provides warmth and comfort. Consider options like a dense velvet, saxony, or frieze cut pile to give this room a luxurious touch.

4. Kids' room

  • Foot traffic: moderate
  • Ease of cleaning: high
  • Comfort and texture: high
  • Design purpose: add playfulness

When it comes to children's rooms, it's important to choose a rug that can withstand the wear and tear of playtime activities and is easy to clean. Opt for a rug with a soft texture, such as a low cut pile or a loop pile, to create a comfortable play area for children, especially when they're playing on their knees or in case of trips and stumbles. Go for playful patterns or vibrant colours that appeal to kids’ imagination and make the room more visually appealing.

5. Home office

  • Foot traffic: moderate
  • Ease of cleaning: moderate
  • Comfort and texture: low
  • Design purpose: create a calm and soothing atmosphere

Home offices usually don’t have a lot of foot traffic or spills, yet the rug should facilitate the movement of an office chair. In that sense, a rug with a flat or low-pile texture is necessary to allow the chair to move easily. Consider selecting natural or muted tones like whites, greys, blues, or greens to create a serene atmosphere that promotes focus and productivity.

6. Entrance and hallway

  • Foot traffic: high
  • Ease of cleaning: high
  • Comfort and texture: low
  • Design purpose: add visual interest, create an inviting atmosphere, provide guidance

It's crucial to choose a rug that is durable and easy to clean since entryways and hallways experience heavy foot traffic and are more prone to dirt. Select a solution-dyed rug with a low-pile or flat texture to withstand the traffic and make cleaning easier. Use the rug to add visual interest in your hallway, create an inviting atmosphere in your entrance, and guide visitors through the house.

By considering these tips and taking into account the specific needs of each room, you can choose the perfect rug to enhance your home's comfort, style, and functionality.