F/W wellbeing, itc's nature inspired trends for the upcoming season

As fall & winter approach, the authenticity of nature’s beauty continues to inspire not only interior design, but also our minds, bodies and souls. itc takes biophilic design and natural themes to new levels, exploring sub-themes and innovations with key considerations to on-trend colour palettes, rich textures and attractive patterns. All inspired by nature, we reimagine the “feel” of flooring design for the cooler months ahead.

How Nature feels...

Our designers were inspired as much by the look as by the feel of nature. Together with our in-house development team, they created new flooring styles that expand our offer of naturally inspired carpets. You’ll discover a diverse world of colours, patterns, and rich textures including carved-out velvet structure, lush high piles, raw loop pile, smooth silken cut pile and a biophilic rattan style structure.

Each offers effortless comfort to homes. Moreover, the very latest in flooring design performance finishes brings new levels of depth and experience, all the while taking its inspiration from nature and our natural habitat.

Nature’s infinite colour palette

Colour palettes are still the number one search criteria when looking for new flooring inspiration. To this end, we continue to evolve our offer of shades and are innovating new blends and combinations.

One of our most exciting new colour developments is explored in 'Mehari', a lightly patterned, lush high-pile carpet that comes in a range of ethereal pastel shades, including ice blues, silvers and pale yellow. With Mehari comes a delicate, vaporous sheen, that meets the trend for a more dreamy and tranquil mood at home.

The ethereal theme continues into the silky-soft, smoother cut-pile product, Lusso. With 'Lusso', we explore deeper, grounded earthy tones of Arabica, Ember and Husk, but always with our innovative subtle silkiness on the surface.

You’ll also be excited to discover 'Excelsior' with its rich saxony structure and colour palette that encompasses ever more bolder shades that compliment more neutral room tones. It’s a style that is laid back, yet super-chic all at the same time.

Nature’s many textures

We appreciate the macro trend of primal, sensory experiences: the feel of textured fabric on bare feet and the emotions and memories that come with it. Textures can make or break the design of a room, and be the defining touch to create the perfect balance. Our latest range explores many textures within the natural trend.

‘Raw’ is the most recognisable: a contemporary loop pile inspired by uneven, natural surfaces. There is beauty in imperfection and while ‘Raw’ looks simple, it is rich in structure, and designed to look “natural”, but with an ever-so-subtle metallic sheen, elevating the look and enhancing the flow of the room.

'Lycka' is a touch more mellow. It is a woven structured loop pile that creates harmony with the tones that surround it and brings more lively decorative features to the fore.

'Marlene' is the epitome of textured sophistication. It taps into the trend for luxury at home with the powerful and evocative sensation of soft velvet underfoot that promises to make any setting more intimate. It’s perfect as a final touch to a minimalistic room or a place that you want to relax in, as you would in a luxurious winter cocoon.

Nature's intricate patterns

The natural world is full of intense patterns and infinite sequences that bring order to chaos and are the base code for beauty itself. We use on-trend and contemporary patterns and shapes to create impact and balance in interiors.

Take ‘Vivian’, for example, a soft, smooth and durable velvet carpet, replete with intricate and elegant pattern in soothing shapes, etched into its surface.

Castorhas a beautifully energetic geometric design, mimicking nature’s endless repetition, giving any room instant visual depth, as the pattern draws the eye. For those who prefer a more handcrafted and rustic look,

'Kubb'’s rattan-style flooring is certain to evoke memories when you feel its elemental woven pattern underfoot. A neutral and grounding presence in any space, it encourages the use of more ostentatious colours and styles around it that can take centre stage.

Discover ITC's Fall Winter 2022/23 range yourself...

Come and experience the colours, textures and patterns of itc’s latest broadloom range. Be inspired by new possibilities to transform interiors with nature’s relaxing aesthetics and accents. Discover intricate patterns that offer connections, whilst exploring soft and beautiful structures. Immerse yourself in deep, warm colours, the reds, browns and olive greens of earthy autumn. Or bring joy and space with sun yellow, off white and the calming pastels and ethereal sheen of winter cool.

Our collection never ceases to develop. Today, we are proud to offer a versatile range of carpets that give a full sensory experience, a spectrum of colours and textiles that are new and comfortingly familiar at the same time.