itc reveals new F/W collection through immersive experience at Flanders Flooring Days

Last week the first edition of Flanders Flooring Days took place. This event turned out to be the perfect opportunity for itc carpets to launch our new F/W collection and turn it into a unique immersive experience.

Flanders Flooring Days

Flanders Flooring Days has been a groundbreaking event, exclusively for the flooring industry, during which 10 Flanders based flooring manufacturers joined forces to bring new insights and present upcoming trends. During 4 days of innovation itc, together with the other participating companies, kept visitors up to date with all relevant evolutions and consumer needs of the ever-changing flooring industry.

Especially for this occasion, itc designed an immersive installation in which the new F/W products were presented in a unique way and at an exceptional location: a pop-up showroom in the renowned Safari Studio’s in Kortrijk.

Biophilic design

The concept of the showroom has been based upon the perfectly formed geometric shapes that can be found in nature and elaborates on the contemporary trend of biophilic design.

A landscape of geometry

Biophilic design plays on our evolutionary need to be close to the natural world and when it’s incorporated into public and private spaces using natural elements, it is said to improve both our physical and mental health. It eventually also promotes productivity in the workplace, because we are both happier and healthier.

As such we created a tangible landscape of geometry, connecting 5 geometric shapes with 5 products from the f/w 2022 collection . A triangle, circle, square, hexagon and rhomboid respectively represented Raw, Excelsior, Vivian, Marlene and Kubb. Terracotta was chosen as the key colour. The result was an immersive biophilic experience with a surprising cyborg touch, in which all itc’s novelties could be discovered.

Curious about all the ins and outs of our new F/W collection? You can read it in this dedicated story.

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