Conscious luxury: Exploring ITC's Tender collection of sustainable carpets

In today’s conscientious world, the move toward mindful living urges us to seek eco-friendly options while refusing to compromise on luxury. Enter the Tender collection—a beautiful synergy between conscience and comfort. Crafted from recycled polyester, each carpet within this collection exemplifies a harmonious blend of opulent softness and environmental responsibility.


At the heart of the Tender collection lies our dedication to reshaping luxury while nurturing our planet. Tender by name and nature, these carpets are crafted especially for individuals who crave indulgent softness while leaving a gentle footprint on our planet.

Rudy Eggermont, ITC’s Product Development Manager, shares: “With the Tender collection, our aim was to create carpets that not only feel soft to the touch but also echo our commitment to environmental responsibility. By centring our design process around consumer needs, we've developed a collection that taps into the Soft Living trend—a way of life that brings comfort, beauty and meaning to interior spaces.”


The Tender collection comprises six distinct products—Aura, Bloom, Synergi, Symbio, Bliss, and Feliz. Each carpet embodies the essence of sustainable luxury while offering a diverse range of colours and textures to complement various interior design preferences. From loop piles to cut piles and uni-coloured to two-toned schemes, the collection offers versatility in design.


What sets the Tender collection apart is its use of recycled polyester, backed by the YMPACT quality label for sustainable yarns. Beyond its plush texture and allure, this material plays a pivotal role in reducing waste, lowering our carbon footprint, and advocating for a circular economy.

Recycled polyester is a game-changer in environmental impact. Derived from recycled materials, often from post-consumer plastic bottles or other polyester waste, it diverts these materials from landfills or oceans, reducing the need for virgin polyester production. This process conserves resources and minimises energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Moreover, producing recycled polyester demands fewer resources compared to virgin polyester production, consuming less water and energy. This leads to a more sustainable manufacturing process without compromising quality and performance.


The colour palette of the Tender collection reflects earthy tones, inspired by the natural world. These hues aren’t just visually appealing—they also evoke a sense of well-being, creating a harmonious connection between your space and the environment.


Your journey to conscious luxury begins with our Tender collection. Join us in making a difference—one soft step at a time toward a more beautiful and mindful world.